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Bachelor Party
Fishing Charters

Are you looking to put on a bachelor party like no other? Do you love getting out on the river with your buddies and having a little friendly competition? Then bring your family and friends down to Charleston for a bachelor party in the harbor. But this is no ordinary fishing trip! Here’s just a glimpse of what we offer on our bachelor charters:

  • Provided fireball shots, because what’s a bachelor party without a little buzz? You are also free to bring your own beer or drinks as well.
  • Humidors containing some of the finest imported, hand-rolled cigars for you and your parties pleasure.
  • Tons of free swag like t-shirts, hats, UV buffs, and more. You’ll have plenty of souvenirs to remember the occasion.
  • Ice cooler for drinks and custom cooling towels for keeping cool on those hotter days.

Tournament Package

We always make sure our fishing trips are fun for everyone, and what better way to spice things up than with a little tournament? With our tournament package every team/boat gets a scorecard where we keep track of the team that caught the most fish, the person who caught the biggest fish, and the person who caught the redfish with the most spots. But what’s a tournament without some prizes? We give out a trophy for the biggest fish along with exclusive RedFin gear you won’t find anywhere else. The winning team also all gets t-shirts to commemorate their win. If that’s not enough the angler who catches the redfish with the most spots gets their very own custom RedFIn stainless-steel tumbler. These tournaments add a ton of fun and excitement to any of our charters, and will give you or your buddies bragging rights for years to come.

How Our Bachelor Charters Work

We love helping others explore the great fishing and gorgeous waterways that Charleston has to offer. We offer charter packages for up to 80 people, so we can handle bachelor parties of any size. We organize anywhere from 2-boat to 20-boat coordinated trips so you won’t feel cramped or have to deal with tangling each other’s lines constantly. We typically depart from downtown but can drop you off at a restaurant to have your catch cooked for an awesome meal. We are conveniently located to Folly Beach or Isle of Palms Marina as downtown Charleston is a short drive away. Our charters are perfect for experts and beginners alike. We provide all of the reels, rods, and the tackle for each trip. The captains are also happy to do all the prep work (rigging the lines, baiting the hooks) and will even give you pro tips on reeling and casting. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s fishing skill level is, we are here to ensure everyone has a ton of fun. Our fishing trips are designed to last 4, 5, 6, or 8 hours depending on your preference. We can even have your catch cooked at a creekside restaurant where your party can meet at the end of a half day or in the middle of a full day. It’s not a bachelor party without some great grub! We practice catch and release for bull redfish (they are protected), but our captains are happy to filet any other fish you catch if you prefer to take them home and grill them up yourself. We will however always stay in compliance with South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources regulations (which you can read here). Not a fishing person? No problem! We also offer non-fishing charters to explore the Charleston waterways, and we will make sure you and your guests have as much of an awesome time as a fishing trip.


Still on the fence? Here are a few testimonials from our previous Charleston bachelor parties:

“Austin helped get the good vibes rolling while everyone was still moving slow from the night before”

“Couldn’t have asked for a better trip and guide! Austin helped make everyone feel comfortable and put us on some big fish. Our group caught fish 50lbs+. Would highly recommend if your group is looking to catch some big ones and have a great time doing it”

“RedFin was able to accommodate our large group by splitting up in 2 boats for a tourney style outing. Austin was clutch in helping guide us on where best to cast based on the rigs we were fishing”

“The boat ride and Austin’s taste in music alone is recipe for a good time but catching 50lb black drum doesn’t hurt either”

How to Schedule Your Bachelor Party Trip

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to come check us out, but if you want to know more feel free to give us a call at (843) 277-5255. If you’re pumped up and ready to schedule your trip, you can check out our open charter times online (prices starting at $550-$850 dollars depending on group size, boats needed, trip time, etc.). We look forward to helping you put on one of the best Charleston bachelor parties around.



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