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Mercury Outboard Engines Gives RedFin Fishing Charters an Advantage in Charleston

Fishing and boating in the low country of Charleston, SC is demanding on the equipment you use. Oyster beds, extreme tides, shifting sandbars, and changing conditions are why RedFin Charters uses Mercury Outboard engines on all our charter boats. Before Mercury was a sponsor, they were our choice of engine because of their consistent power, […]

5 Things to Do on the Charleston Next Weekend

Are you looking to spice up your boring weekends? Do you love being outdoors and getting out on the water. At Redfin charters we love giving our clients the most memorable experiences possible, so today we’re going to tell you about 5 activities that can make for a great time for you, your friends, or […]

Isle of Palms Marina Fishing Charters

South Carolina’s Isle of Palms has become one of the state’s premier vacation spots. But what’s a vacation without getting out on the water? The beautiful Isle of Palms Marina is a perfect place to depart from and explore the beautiful Isle of Palms waterways. More importantly, Isle of Palms has a ton of great […]

Winter Fly Fishing in the Lowcountry

As the lush green spartina grass starts to brown and the fiddler crabs begin fading from the grass flats here in Charleston, we begin seeing a slight change in redfish feeding habits. As we make our way through October and look forward to November Fly Fishing, we will begin seeing hundreds of redfish school up […]

September Fishing in Charleston SC

Here’s what to expect for the month of September: September Catch List The water temperature this month is still in the low 80’s and the bite is hot! The yellow butterflies will be flying through the harbor signaling that the mullet run is about to be in full effect. As the mullet flood into our harbors, bays, […]

Fly Fishing for Redfish

Inshore fly fishing in Charleston, SC is the best way to experience Redfish. These fish are mean, aggressive, and can reach sizes upwards of 50lbs+. Catching them on the fly is as exciting as it is practical. Found in shallow water, sight fishing makes casting a dream. The flat inshore waters are protected from the […]

Baits to Use When Targeting Redfish

Redfish are voracious feeders near Charleston, SC. Their huge mouths allow them to eat just about anything that fits inside. Your baits will change with weather conditions and seasonal demands. The best part about redfish angling is that artificials can be more productive than live bait. This makes them a world-class sportfishing.  Casting For Redfish […]

Flounder Fishing in Charleston, SC

RedFin Flounder

Fishing for flounder in Charleston, SC stands out as a time-honored tradition. Inshore methods for catching the fish allows anglers easy access to plentiful waters. Bottom-dwelling, their flat bodies are instantly recognizable. Targeting this species takes dedication, patience, and skill.  Identifying Flounder in Charleston, SC While many people think flounder are a deep water fish, […]

Fly Fishing for Redfish in Charleston SC

REDFISH ON THE FLY Outsmarting the Pound for Pound Fighting Fish Contender FISH OF FURY If the fishing world had a Pound for Pound Championship (like MMA does) theredfish would be a contender – right up there with ulua or steelhead or dorado or northern pike as a world class fighting fish. Also known as red drum, […]

Did You Know You can Catch Redfish Near Charleston

Charleston, SC is known for many things and one of the more surprising aspects of the city is how great the fishing is. Located next to multiple river mouths with plenty of tidal estuaries, it’s a veritable saltwater fishing paradise. Blessed with mild winters and hot summers, multiple species migrate through our waters. Most famous, […]



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