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Fly Fishing for Redfish in Charleston SC

REDFISH ON THE FLY Outsmarting the Pound for Pound Fighting Fish Contender FISH OF FURY If the fishing world had a Pound for Pound Championship (like MMA does) theredfish would be a contender – right up there with ulua or steelhead or … read more

Did You Know You can Catch Redfish Near Charleston

Charleston, SC is known for many things and one of the more surprising aspects of the city is how great the fishing is. Located next to multiple river mouths with plenty of tidal estuaries, it’s a veritable saltwater fishing paradise. … read more

Shark Fishing in Charleston, SC

The shark fishing in Charleston, SC has proven itself to be a premier location for enthusiasts. The warm waters and geographic proximity to the gulf stream lure in large predators from miles around. Maintained as a sport fishery above all … read more

Inshore Fishing in Charleston, SC for Big Fish

If you are trying to target big fish without spending weeks on the ocean, Inshore fishing is for you. Charleston, SC is located near productive estuaries that act as hotbeds for a variety of species. Not sure what inshore fishing … read more

5 Tips to Find Good Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Finding good fishing charters in Charleston, SC makes the difference between an average vacation and a memorable one. Let’s face it, what’s the point of going somewhere without fishing? The right charter company will put you where the action is, … read more

Choosing the right Cork

Popping Cork Rig

There are hundreds of types of corks that can be used for fishing in saltwater. All of them have different applications and everyone has different opinions on which one is the right one to use. Let’s take a few minutes … read more



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