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5 Tips to Find Good Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Finding good fishing charters in Charleston, SC makes the difference between an average vacation and a memorable one. Let’s face it, what’s the point of going somewhere without fishing? The right charter company will put you where the action is, without wasting time. Check out the following list to help influence your decision-making process:

1. Vast Local Knowledge of Charleston, SC

Every day, every season and every weather pattern affects the fish differently. A good fishing charter in Charleston, SC will employ local captains that know how to think like the fish. Look for a service that is proud to be part of the local economy. For captains, fishing is their livelihood. If you want to have a good fishing trip, you don’t want to someone that fishes part-time. If they’re on the water daily and have an invested interest in Charleston – you can be confident you’re in for a good trip.

2. Fishing Pics

Charters that are successful will proudly boast about it. You can read testimonies all day but let’s be real, how big are those fish? Good fishing charters will have a decent website that highlights past fishing trips. Without a section dedicated to this, there is not a lot of trust behind the company. Pictures show fish being caught and the clients are happy enough to give consent to post the photo. Nothing says good fishing like happy people.

3. Good Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC Have Good Websites

What does fishing have to do with websites? At first, they don’t seem related but let’s analyze it. If you are looking for a good captain who takes his profession seriously then a proper website highlights his commitment. Running a website is an investment, it takes time, it must be maintained. The fishing must be pretty good if a charter can brag about the catching while running a fulltime company.

4. Read the Google Reviews

You’ve seen the pictures, reviewed the website but you can’t be too careful. How has other fisherman rated the charter service? A simple Google search will yield 1-5 star reviews with written statements below it – both good and bad. Look for charters with lots of reviews and 5-star ratings.

5. Do They Target the Species You Want to Catch?

Good fishing charters in Charleston, SC know the fishing is seasonal. Look at their website to see if they offer a calendar with the species availability on it. Competent captains will provide you with all the information you need to determine what kind of fishing you’re in for. Luckily, the inshore waters near Charleston, SC have plenty of variety every month of the year.

Before planning a trip to Charleston, SC, get the fishing part hammered out. There is plenty of fish swimming in the waters and it would be a shame to not get a piece of the action. RedFin Charters has been fishing these waters for decades and will provide you with a rewarding fishing trip. Contact us to book a trip.



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