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Mercury Outboard Engines Gives RedFin Fishing Charters an Advantage in Charleston

Fishing and boating in the low country of Charleston, SC is demanding on the equipment you use. Oyster beds, extreme tides, shifting sandbars, and changing conditions are why RedFin Charters uses Mercury Outboard engines on all our charter boats.

Before Mercury was a sponsor, they were our choice of engine because of their consistent power, performance, reliability, quiet operation, fuel efficiency, and lightweight. Today Redfin is lucky enough to call Mercury a partner because they provide us with the tools necessary to run the biggest and best charter company in Charleston. Guiding requires that we push our equipment to the limit and Mercury provides us with an engine that can withstand the pressure and the beating we put on our equipment every day.

Fishing in the low country is challenging and rewarding at the same time

Fishing for redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead, sharks, and other species in the low country of Charleston is charming, tranquil, and rewarding for anglers of all skill levels. But it is also challenging because of the landscape and the demands of the fishery. If we can be even more honest, fishing in the low country is hell on a boat, and particularly on the motor!

Our guides work hard and push our boats to the limit. Guiding doesn’t begin when the clients are on board, it begins on the water alone, searching for fish, learning the nuances of the water, and gaining the knowledge that makes our charter captains the best in the business.

That is why we need an engine that can withstand the terrain and hundreds of days on the water each year.

“Mercury Engines to me are the best engines on the market right now. I have over 1000 hours on the boat I’m in now and haven’t had one single issue.” -Capt. Rusty Griffin

Mercury engines are very fast, very fuel efficient 

Redfish can be caught in six inches or 60 feet of water. RedFin Charters captains need to be able to follow the fish, wherever they may go in Charleston. When reds are in shallow water, we need an engine that is light enough to allow us to get skinny and chase these fish without getting stuck. Mercury allows us to do that.

These engines also allow us to change up our tactics mid-day. When the tide changes and starts flushing out the creeks, we can head out to the jetties or to the Harbor and look for big bull reds, jacks, cobia, tarpon, and other species that feed in deeper water.

“Mercury engines definitely run strong and get you to the fishing hole quicker than most.” -Capt. Austin Daniel

The versatility that Mercury engines afford us benefits our clients the most, because it provides them with the best chances to catch fish year-round, and that is what RedFin Charters is all about.

Book the best fishing charter in Charleston, SC today

RedFin Charters is so proud to call Mercury a partner and sponsor of what has been voted “Best Fishing Charter” in Charleston, SC. We have options for all ages and skill levels of anglers.

If you are planning a trip to Charleston, be sure to check out RedFin Charters and book your next fishing adventure with us!



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