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Looking for Party Boat Fishing Charter in Charleston, SC

Fishing is more fun in groups, dare we call it party boat fishing? When organizing a large fishing trip, too many times the fishing aspect is pushed to the back burner. At RedFin Charters, we think the fishing should be good to maximize everyone’s experience. Gather up your closest friends, their friends, and maybe the […]

Shark Fishing in Charleston, SC

The shark fishing in Charleston, SC has proven itself to be a premier location for enthusiasts. The warm waters and geographic proximity to the gulf stream lure in large predators from miles around. Maintained as a sport fishery above all else, these toothy predators are finally being recognized for their value to the ecosystem as […]

Fishing Charleston, SC for the Lesser Known Gamefish

Redfish is the most popular species for South Carolina anglers. Every year, tens of thousands of fish are caught. They are big, fight hard, and are one of the finest game fish in our waters but they are not the only gamefish. Lesser known but equally as fun to catch are speckled trout and sheepshead. […]

Catching the Big One with Nearshore Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Inshore fishing the estuaries and creeks in Charleston, SC makes for exciting trips. However, there is some impressive nearshore fishing that provides an exciting experience for the serious fisherman. The fish are larger, the species more diverse, and the trips are longer. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, this style of fishing […]

Inshore Fishing in Charleston, SC for Big Fish

If you are trying to target big fish without spending weeks on the ocean, Inshore fishing is for you. Charleston, SC is located near productive estuaries that act as hotbeds for a variety of species. Not sure what inshore fishing is? Keep reading to find out more. How Deep is the Water for Inshore Fishing? […]

Charleston Fishing Charters Will Put You on the Action

Charleston fishing charters are good at what they do – making sure you catch fish. Some of the most productive water in South Carolina is inland. Marshes, grasses, and warm shallow water make good spawning grounds for sport fish species. If you want to maximize your time catching, go shallow. Each season has its own […]

5 Tips to Find Good Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Finding good fishing charters in Charleston, SC makes the difference between an average vacation and a memorable one. Let’s face it, what’s the point of going somewhere without fishing? The right charter company will put you where the action is, without wasting time. Check out the following list to help influence your decision-making process: 1. […]

Choosing the right Cork

Popping Cork Rig

There are hundreds of types of corks that can be used for fishing in saltwater. All of them have different applications and everyone has different opinions on which one is the right one to use. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about where each of them could be beneficial in different fishing situations. Popping […]

Shad Fishing out of Charleston SC

Around Valentine’s Day every year, many local anglers take the 45 minute trip from Charleston up to the Tailrace Canal in Moncks Corner for the Shad and Herring run. Light tackle and a handful of Chartreuse grubs can provide an afternoon full of excitement. If kept under pressure the shad will jump a few feet […]

Sitecasting for Redfish

During our Lowcountry winters the local waters around Charleston can provide a unique opportunity to sight cast on some very large schools of Redfish. In colder weather, the waters dip below 50 degrees as the air temperatures cool. And as temperatures cool, the primary food source for Bottlenose Dolphins leave; making them look for a […]



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