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Inshore Fishing in Charleston, SC for Big Fish

If you are trying to target big fish without spending weeks on the ocean, Inshore fishing is for you. Charleston, SC is located near productive estuaries that act as hotbeds for a variety of species. Not sure what inshore fishing … read more

5 Tips to Find Good Fishing Charters in Charleston, SC

Finding good fishing charters in Charleston, SC makes the difference between an average vacation and a memorable one. Let’s face it, what’s the point of going somewhere without fishing? The right charter company will put you where the action is, … read more

Choosing the right Cork

Popping Cork Rig

There are hundreds of types of corks that can be used for fishing in saltwater. All of them have different applications and everyone has different opinions on which one is the right one to use. Let’s take a few minutes … read more

Shad Fishing out of Charleston SC

Around Valentine’s Day every year, many local anglers take the 45 minute trip from Charleston up to the Tailrace Canal in Moncks Corner for the Shad and Herring run. Light tackle and a handful of Chartreuse grubs can provide an … read more

Sitecasting for Redfish

During our Lowcountry winters the local waters around Charleston can provide a unique opportunity to sight cast on some very large schools of Redfish. In colder weather, the waters dip below 50 degrees as the air temperatures cool. And as … read more

Keeping a Proper Fishing Journal

What, When, and Where?? I ask myself these questions after every fishing trip, then I document it. In order to run a successful Inshore Fishing Charter, I find these to be essential elements to record in a journal. If you … read more

Choosing the Right Artificial

Fish with artificial lure in it's mouth

“They were out of SHRIMP AND MINNOWS!?” I hear this occasionally while standing on the docks prepping for the next fishing trip. If live bait isn’t available, take a walk through your local tackle shop and look at all the … read more

How to scout for redfish

oyster rake

I get asked frequently, “What are some of the important things you search for while scouting for Redfish for your next inshore fishing charter.” I respond promptly, “Rocks and Docks”, rocks referring to our local oysters and docks… well docks. … read more

How to choose the right Inshore Fishing Rig

Circle Hook

There are many inshore fishing rigs that you can use with live bait to make your fishing trip a successful one. A Carolina Rig and a Popping cork rig are the two most essential and ones that I continually use … read more



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