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Keeping a Proper Fishing Journal

What, When, and Where?? I ask myself these questions after every fishing trip, then I document it. In order to run a successful Inshore Fishing Charter, I find these to be essential elements to record in a journal. If you document Where you fished, When you are fishing, and What you fished with, you will […]

Choosing the Right Artificial

Fish with artificial lure in it's mouth

“They were out of SHRIMP AND MINNOWS!?” I hear this occasionally while standing on the docks prepping for the next fishing trip. If live bait isn’t available, take a walk through your local tackle shop and look at all the artificials. There are a TON of artificials to choose from and most will work for […]

How to scout for redfish

oyster rake

I get asked frequently, “What are some of the important things you search for while scouting for Redfish for your next inshore fishing charter.” I respond promptly, “Rocks and Docks”, rocks referring to our local oysters and docks… well docks. Redfish are instinctually bound to structure and finding it will help you find fish. The […]

How to choose the right Inshore Fishing Rig

Circle Hook

There are many inshore fishing rigs that you can use with live bait to make your fishing trip a successful one. A Carolina Rig and a Popping cork rig are the two most essential and ones that I continually use trip after trip. The Carolina Rig is most simply referred to as a bottom rig. […]

RedFin Charters team up with Lowcountry businesses to create “CPR Initiative” and raise $25,000 for Project ReSpeck

In January 2018, Charleston experienced the 5th largest fish kill in South Carolina history. After weeks of record cold temperatures decimated the speckled sea trout population, a small group of conservation minded individuals decided to take action. The Community Professional Response Initiative, or CPR Initiative for short, is a conglomeration of business owners that care […]

RedFin Charters offers Choose Your Charter Combo!

  The waters around Charleston are full of exciting historic landmarks and rare natural wonders. Where else can you find a civil war musket ball, indian arrowhead and 3 million old sharks tooth in the same place? Historic Charleston is surrounded by water, and in order to experience its true beauty, that is where you […]

RedFin Charters Featured in Hook + Gaff’s “Man on a Mission”

When we saw Hook + Gaff’s video on RedFin Charters and Project ReSpeck, we were tremendously honored! Their founder, Mike Sims, grew up in the Lowcountry and has spent his life connected to the water. He spent 15 years perfecting his craft and knows a thing or two about dedication. Hook + Gaff’s philanthropy efforts […]

RedFin Charters is Charleston Best Fishing Charter 2018

  We won Best Fishing Charter Charleston SC! Woohoo… Every time we get in the boat, whether it’s a harbor cruise, eco-trip or fishing charter, our number one focus is that our clients are safe and enjoying their time on the water. We are committed to superior service and helping each person that steps on […]



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