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Fishing Blog

Keeping a Proper Fishing Journal

What, When, and Where?? I ask myself these questions after every fishing trip, then I document it. In order to run a successful Inshore Fishing Charter, I find these to be essential elements to record in a journal. If you … read more

Choosing the Right Artificial

Fish with artificial lure in it's mouth

“They were out of SHRIMP AND MINNOWS!?” I hear this occasionally while standing on the docks prepping for the next fishing trip. If live bait isn’t available, take a walk through your local tackle shop and look at all the … read more

How to scout for redfish

oyster rake

I get asked frequently, “What are some of the important things you search for while scouting for Redfish for your next inshore fishing charter.” I respond promptly, “Rocks and Docks”, rocks referring to our local oysters and docks… well docks. … read more

How to choose the right Inshore Fishing Rig

Circle Hook

There are many inshore fishing rigs that you can use with live bait to make your fishing trip a successful one. A Carolina Rig and a Popping cork rig are the two most essential and ones that I continually use … read more

RedFin Charters offers Choose Your Charter Combo!

  The waters around Charleston are full of exciting historic landmarks and rare natural wonders. Where else can you find a civil war musket ball, indian arrowhead and 3 million old sharks tooth in the same place? Historic Charleston is … read more



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