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Charleston Fishing Charters Will Put You on the Action

Charleston fishing charters are good at what they do – making sure you catch fish. Some of the most productive water in South Carolina is inland. Marshes, grasses, and warm shallow water make good spawning grounds for sport fish species. If you want to maximize your time catching, go shallow. Each season has its own challenges and using a professional guide will make sure you catch fish.

Spring Fishing

Water begins to warm up and the fish begin to move around the shallow waters. Smaller Redfish will work their way inshore to feed in the grasses. The shallow water warms faster, which is a boom for small crustaceans and baitfish. The larger Redfish are found in the harbor where they hang near dropoffs, feeding on crab. 

When fishing in the deeper waters, fishermen have the opportunity to hook into sharks and stingrays. Sea Trout also spawn in the spring, which makes catching big 6lb+ females a possibility. Fishing progressively improves in shallow waters as the temperatures climb. Cobia comes in for spawning and the flounder fishing begins to heat up. 

Summer Fishing

Hot water temperatures combined with abundant food makes this a good time of year for fishing. Fishing is best early morning and late evening, before the sun’s rays are too harsh. Fish do not have eyelids, as such, they cannot squint or blink. Powerful sun makes them go deep and stop feeding. 

Charleston fishing charters know this is the best time of year for the big boys. Sharks are aggressive and hooking into one can lead to aerial fights. Tarpon also makes it into Charleston, SC waters where they can be caught by experienced anglers. This is the time of year when biodiversity is at its peak, you never know what will be on the end of your line. 

Fall Fishing

Fish are still shallow thanks to summer’s heat but the air temperatures are starting to cool. The larger fish in the harbor are more active as they start to feed heavily in anticipation of winter. Baitfish, having grown all year, are now plentiful. Creek fishing opens up and fishermen have many options to target. Talking to Charleston fishing charters will help you learn about the current fishing reports. 

Breeder Redfish are starting to feed heavily before going back to deeper waters. Now is the time to hook into a trophy-sized fish. Sheepshead and flounder are also abundant, ensuring successful fishing trips. 

Winter Fishing

Toward the end of the year, Redfish begin to school up. When the tide is low, the fish stay shallow, feeding on oyster beds. Charleston fishing charters know when the tides are best for fishing, putting you on the fish. November and December are excellent times of the year for sight fishing. Trout fishing is strong, as is Sheepshead fishing. Working structures near the beach make for productive days. 

Find Charleston Fishing Charters for a Successful Trip

No matter the time of year, Charleston, SC provides excellent fishing opportunities. From Redfish, Seatrout, and trophy fishing for Tarpon, you can find it all. Take a look at our fishing calendar to start planning your trip today. 



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