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Boats on Charleston Harbor


The waters around Charleston are full of exciting historic landmarks and rare natural wonders. Where else can you find a civil war musket ball, indian arrowhead and 3 million old sharks tooth in the same place? Historic Charleston is surrounded by water, and in order to experience its true beauty, that is where you must witness it.

We offer enriching tours for those who want to experience the beauty and unique ecology of Charleston Harbor but don’t necessarily want to fish. With our “Pick 2” and “Pick 3” packages, we’ll take you on a personalized tour centered around activities of your choice:

Harbor tours — Cruise around Charleston Harbor and take in exciting views of the city from the water. Experience a breathtaking view of the amazing architecture and learn firsthand why they call Charleston the Holy City.

Dolphin watching — Playful and naturally curious, the bottlenose dolphin is one of Charleston’s most spectacular wildlife. Watch them frolic in our boat wake, strand feed, and play in their natural environment.

Sunset excursion — Trying to avoid the heat of the day, sit back, relax and enjoy a frosty beverage or glass of complimentary champagne? Head out to watch the symphony of colors in a Charleston sunset with friends and family, the perfect way to end any vacation.

Eco tour — Learn all about the flora and fauna of the region from our knowledgeable guides. See wild birds of prey, manatees and experience a connection to nature that you can only get while on the water.

Shark teeth & shell hunting — We’ll head to stunning beaches to comb the sand for nature’s treasures. Explore remote islands that are only accessible by boat and find your ultimate Charleston souvenir!

Looking to personalize your charter? Our captains can accommodate most requests and special needs charters can be arranged. Give us a call and we can make sure your next Lowcountry adventure will be one you will never forget!

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