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Winter Fly Fishing in the Lowcountry

As the lush green spartina grass starts to brown and the fiddler crabs begin fading from the grass flats here in Charleston, we begin seeing a slight change in redfish feeding habits. As we make our way through October and look forward to November Fly Fishing, we will begin seeing hundreds of redfish school up and primarily feed on shrimp and mullet in the mud and oyster flats. As far back as April, we have been finding redfish tailing in the short spartina grass showing a beautiful wave of their tail as they stick their head in the mud to suck out crabs from their holes. As water temps continue to drop and redfish start packing up to prepare for their feeding frenzy, this changes our tactics to strictly target low tide and mid-tide redfish. The mudflats, creeks, and bays are starting to fill up with shrimp, and this results in redfish feeding in the shallow mudflats where their backs and tails are out of the water to eat shrimp and mullet on the warm mudflats. Winter fishing can be some of the most amazing sight fishing all year. The cool water becomes crystal clear and you can see the fishing shining and eating from 50-100 feet away, allowing you to make an accurate cast in the direction the fish is heading. Don’t miss out on our world-class sight fishing for floating pumpkins here in the Holy City!



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